***PRE-VENTA: Rokugan: The Art of the Legend of the Five Rings

Este artículo está en PRE-VENTA. Está previsto que salga a la venta el 27 de abril de 2023. La entrega se producirá tan pronto como esté disponible.

Aconyte, 2023. Hardcover with dustjacket.

Matt Keefe (compiled by)

Stunning art and illustration from the Japanese-inspired fantasy realms of Rokugan, setting for the famed Legend of the Five Rings series of games

For more than a quarter of a century, Rokugan has provided the setting for one of tabletop gaming’s most beloved sagas, the Legend of the Five Rings. Now, the land of Rokugan, its Imperial rulers and the Great Clans who vie for their favor are set center-stage in this lavish full-color artbook. The Emerald Empire is captured in an age of strife and upheaval – war, intrigue, natural calamities and celestial turmoil – through the very finest artwork from the Legend of the Five Rings series of games. Iconic pieces from the L5R roleplaying and collectible card games are presented in their full glory, taking the game’s many fans and lovers of fantasy art on a journey through this extraordinary fantasy world.

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