Doomtown: Episode 8 Combo Box

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Five Rings Publishing Group. FRPG 7014

No matter how bad things are, they can always get worse. Brother, that’s the truth. Somebody iced Sheriff Coleman, and what’s left of the law went with him. We got the Collegium and the Maze Rats fightin’ a damn war out in the Maze, while Sweetrock tries to hold on to its precious ghostrock supply. Ghost huters and lunatics from both sides o’ Mason-Dixon are huntin’ the things in the shadows, then tryin’ to tell us that it’s all okay. An’ someone suggested that Black Jac’s gang may have killed J.P. Coleman, puttin’ the rest of the Law Dogs on a full-bore vendetta. Strap yourself in, pardner. Doomtown just got worse.

Contains 6 Doomtown Starter Decks (The Agency) plus 24 Expansion Packs of 15 cards each.

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