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An alternate Gold Edition

Fecha de la publicación: 11/05/2023
Once upon a time, when Wizards of the Coast was publishing L5R, Shokansuru (not Daigotsu) was going to be the main bad in the original plotline for Gold Edition/The Four Winds Era. Howevever WotC dropped the game, plans changed and this storyline was dropped. Who was Shokansuru in this version of the story?
We had first meet him during Fire and Shadow (Hidden Emperor era). It seems like Feydn Rafiq (an assassin from the Ivory Kingdoms, in the Honor Bound set) came to Rokugan looking for him. From context, Shokansuru should be the «chanting ruhmal» mentioned in the card, and he is shown summoning some kind of six armed humanoid. We don’t know how Feydn story ends, but Shokansuru was still around at the start of Gold Edition so it seems he was unsuccesful in taking him down.
Maybe we were supposed to meet an earlier version of the Ivory Kingdom menace that would come years later as the Destroyer War?
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